Report A Claim

The Insured must report and lodge the claim with Insurers and to their Intermediaries (Agents/ Brokers etc.), immediately on notice of loss.

Things to remember in event of loss

In event of any loss, it is always suggested to retain everything in as it is condition, till the Insurance Surveyor, carry’s out the survey.

Insured must take all possible steps to avoid aggravation of loss & protect recovery rights of an Insurer.

The insured must assist the surveyor appointed by an Insurer to best of their capacities& Share all the documents/ information, immediately, necessary for submission of Claim Report to Insurers.

The insured should dispose off the property/ assets claimed only on confirmation from the appointed Surveyor &/or designated Insurance claim officer.

Insurance Surveys are carried out without prejudice. And appointment of surveyor does not confirm admission of liability by Insurers.

Claims reported are subject to policy terms and conditions. It is always advisable to read the policy document and wordings completely for better understanding of coverage granted and losses covered.

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